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Thursday, 3 February 2011

LCF MA show @ the V&A

My good friend Letitia and I went to the LCF MA show last night at the V&A
What an amazing standard of work was presented, and a surprising amount of menswear (don't they know they only get about a third of the amount of money womenswear designers do from NEWGEN and the like?!)

My personal favorites were: Asger Larsen- who presented a very well considered combination of classic mens dress styles - dress/biker/military/sports- accessorised with some seriously sexy headwear that reminded me of Piers Atkinson (think unexpected spike and chain placements)
Tim Rhys-Evans: very sexy, ladylike womenswear in black, he played with textures such as PVC against polka dot wool, crepe, chiffon and marabou trim, and produced a very wearable and directional collection - which was actually quite commercial in places (in a good way)
Dinu Bodiciu:  womenswear collection in nude and red was reminiscent of Margiela (probably due to the accentuated shoulder silhouette) loved the jumpsuit in the middle

Tatwasin Boat Khajeenikorn's menswear collection featured intricate embellishments of beading and crystals and a pallette of primarily nude shades which had us drooling.

There were some amazing umberellas in Jia Ju's tailoring heavy collection (provided by Oliver Ruuger)- these are the kind of umbrellas that will make you pray for rain, perfect for the UK market, so if anyone knows where I can buy one.....
in fact a lot of the students collections featured tailoring (looks like my obsession with tailcoats has finally caught on ;) ) including the winner of Collection Of The Year Matteo Molinari who presented a slickly tailored, Matador inspired collection with an amazing crochet back cropped jacket I could
easily see girls rocking...

Yan Liang & Chang Wook 'Jay' Kang both presented playful collections, featuring wood formica & digital and hand painted clashing prints respectively- so nice to see students really have fun in their collections (before they get into industry and have it knocked out of them in the name of being commercial)

Also re-occurring were: cropped trousers, multiple pleating, rounded shoulder shapes, built up necklines- either hidden under collars, padded in chiffon or wrapped up in wools, black, grey & metallic (Louise Simmonds showed fab aqua metallic chevron stripes on her tailoring) Crochet detailing- either built in or snaking around frames

Oliver Ruuger's curled handle horsehair trimmed umberellas

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