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Tuesday, 19 April 2011


If Fashion is my first love, Music has always played a close second (I actually don't think you can separate the two, they always influence each other, for me anyway they go hand in hand, and I couldn't live without either)

Just finished the biography of Kurt Cobain- I loved Nirvana when they came out, the perfect embodiment of my teenage angst and the second wave of amazing bands I could claim as my own (the first wave being The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays etc)  baggy came just as I came of age which was a thrill, as every band I loved before then were from past generations (The Stones, Hendrix, even Motley Crue being from the 80's were before my time enough to feel like a different generation entirely)

I read the one by Charles R Cross, and its a really good, very indepth, poor old Kurt - I really felt for my fellow Piscean - we are such sensitive souls, I think we actually have a depth of feeling beyond most people, our intuitive instincts go beyond the normal realms of existence.
This was certainly true of Kurt- trauma in adolescence was a great contributing factor to his unhappiness, as was probable undiagnosed depression and I suspect Celiac disease (as he was plagued with stomach problems they couldn't figure out) not helped by having a bad diet containing 'no green stuff'
His heroin addiction was partly blamed on this- although curiosity led him to try it, and then his stomach was often used as an excuse for self medication
He definately found a kindred spirit in Courtney Love (who actually was a good influence on him, inspiring him and giving him confidence, which is all any of us needs really- to be loved, supported and understood by our partner) we are all looking for our twin soul, and Kurt certainly found his Yang in Courtney

Kurt was also a great advocator of gay rights- something I guess a lot of people wouldn't expect of a punk rock star, he really preached empathy and tolerance- even in his suicide note.
If only his addiction hadn't gotten the better of him, and they could have diagnosed his illness - the world was robbed of a great talent and a wonderful human being, along with the other greats we lost at 27

I thought we had come a long way and that tolerance, empathy and acceptance were pretty much a given these days (an eternal optimist, I'm always surprised when anyone is racist or homophobic) but sadly it seems Homophobia is alive and well, judging by two horrible instances recently- the first being the attack on Philip Sallon in Piccadilly on April 2nd (not far from where Ian Baynham was kicked to death by two teenage girls - unbelievably)

No CCTV (which is fairly ludicrous considering the threat of terrorism and the fact its Central London) Philip suffered a fractured skull, but is on the mend (thankfully, he could have easily been killed)
I've met Philip on numerous occasions, he is a lovely man, very peaceful and open and a national treasure on the London club scene. I hope they catch an severely punish whoever committed this vile attack.
Then last week we have the John Snow pub throwing out a gay couple for kissing! a protest was organised, and scuppered (but they had to close, so at least it hit them in the till)
All I can think is that frustration and anger over the state of our nation and the financial situation we have all been placed in is manifesting itself as anger towards groups seen as being 'on the outside' or 'easy targets'
If people are really angry, they should protest where its applicable- join UK Uncut, let the bankers and government know you are angry and do something that might actually make a difference. Don't take it out on people just living their lives.
Maybe its jealousy as the gays have the best parties? ;-)

This weeks reading matter is:

Top book: Teenage by Jon Savage- the creation of youth 1875 - 1945
I love sociology, particularly youth culture, this one goes back even further than I've ever looked- right back to the beginning and I'm fascinated to see how these previous generations led us to where we are today- if the teenager was supposedly created in the 50's (more actually by marketing men, as it was the first time they had a disposable income and were therefor able to be targeted as consumers)
it will be very interesting to see how we got to that point, and how they found their outlets.....

Missing the Mr this week, he is off in NYC, rebranding some ad company, clever sausage...its only the second day he has been away and I'm sooo bored!! sleeping in the middle of the bed and cooking for one, meh!

Friday, 15 April 2011

MTV CK One party

Looong time since my last post, so sorry I have been really busy with various projects, can't say much about them atm, but know that a few cherries are gonna be ripe for the picking pretty soon :)

Went to the MTV/Calvin Klein party last night at Village Underground in Shoreditch, I'm sure my queue hopping ticked a fair few people off (especially as I had to actually push past them all to do so as it was a barriered entrance) well, what can I say, I don't do queues ;-)

Walked in and thought- am I in the wrong party? all I could hear was some god awful AOR sounding girl warbling (turns out this was Alexis Jordan- never heard of her before, never want to hear her again, thanks)
Met up with the gang- Jonny Woo, John Sizzle, Ma Butcher, Miss Marie Louise Von Hasselberg (super duper stylist and all round diva) my 'sister' Letitia (I'm very lucky to have two best female friends, Letitia & Rachel- The Sisterhood) we had done our usual trick of turning up in the same outfit (this time it was a turban clash) Alex Noble & Josh Caffe, Miss Ilona International- fresh off the plane from Miami, Amandine, Leo Belicha, Nadia & Morris, Holestar, I could go on...there were loads of us out last night.

Ran into Amechi Ihenacho (editor of Flux magazine) who I havn't seen for ages- he's just opened a new shop and a cocktail bar called Maneros on Kingsland Road with a 5am licence! I'll be checking that out for sure, I can imagine it will be the epitome of elegant debauchery as Amechi is one of the most stylish men on the planet, a truly dapper chap.

Also spotted- Katie Grand and Bip Ling (how is this girl signed to a model agency?  pretty yes, but she is tiny! I towered over her and I'm only 5'2")
Jameela Jamil: she is really lovely, seems very down to earth and has a nice vibe about her. I saw her outside the JCDC show last season and she told me I had a 'fucking cool dress' on
Free bar all night, which was fab, and they had a good selection too (I hate when its just free beer)
They had a booth thing where you could record your own Calvin Klein commercial, but by the time Tish and I thought we would have a go they had run into technical difficulties....

The crowd as a mixed bag- lots of Shoreditch faces mixed with competition winners. It was rammed packed, the toilet queue for the ladies was massive, so I tried to pass myself off as a transsexual to gain entry to the mens (I could see friends in there, so it would have been safe) despite back up from a couple of Batty Bass regulars, the bouncer was having none of it...

There was a DJ set by Pixie Geldof & Alice Dellal, which wasn't great....they turned the bass down halfway through (think they just didn't know whet they were doing really, should stick to Alexa Chungs method of just playing mix CD's her brother Dom does for her) ironic they probably got paid about 15k for it....I liked the Britney Spears track, but Eminem? no thanks...
There was also live performances from Katy B and Wretch 32 (who were good) and the music picked up after that, but we all decided to go to The Joiners (change of scene) and I'm so glad we did as the music was AMAZING in there
We even managed to score a free cab ride, as the driver had no change for a 20 (result)

It was disco heaven, we barely left the dancefloor, Josh Scrutton was pulling some hip snaking moves, ran into Dan Williams, but I missed his set as my feet were killing me so I left about 1am hopped in a cab with Morris and tried not to wake up my sleeping boyfriend when I got home (probably unsuccessfully)