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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Basso & Brooke / The Magnificent Carmen

I'm probably quite rubbish at being a blogger...I just don't post often enough, well what can I say its called having a very busy job that takes up about 60 hours per week, then having an actual life that I already find it hard to squeeze into the remaining waking hours! Too busy living to write about it half the time, but I do try, when I can to doesn't help I am yet another Iphone down- this one lasted all of a really is getting beyond a joke now, they simply must fit a worldwide bar on them, as its stands they unblock as soon as they leave the UK, which is absurd....
Onto other things
Firstly, I would like to share the very exciting news that Basso & Brooke have taken their first steps into the menswear market, with this fantastic range of sweatshirts, just in time for Christmas!

get your orders in now, they are selling out fast....which one to choose will be the hardest part I think!

I'm really lusting after a yellow bathrobe at the moment....don't ask me why....its seems I'm not alone either, did a quick google and look what turned up

Love a bit of Freddy, so I was very pleased to discover that picture, the last pic is great too...loving that piping

Last but certainly not least, the magnificent Carmen Dell'Orefice is currently the subject of an exhibition at the LCF, go and see it if you can, what I loved most about the images on display was that she, for me, didn't really come into her own until she hit 40, which really, in terms of wisdom is about right, but in our current society and its youth obsession, she would be deemed well past her sell-by date.
I urge all women to go and take in her images, the original supermodel, photographed by Horst, Beaton, Muse to Dali, still a working model at the age of 80, she is ever graceful, and for me that silver hair really made her- she was stunning in her youth- but is truly magnificent in her maturity

                       Class Is Forever....well done Rolex, couldn't have said it better myself