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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Whore Culture

Really am despairing at the state of the world right now – lets begin with this whore culture that seems to be more and more prevalent and the long term damage its causing
We begin with Miley Cyrus and her current obsession with being as naked and provocative as she possibly can – we get it, you are trying to ‘kill’ off your child star persona, an after much backlash are now trying to justify it as some sort of intellectual game playing with the media- its non of those things, what's next, your gynaecological examination?
Then we have Rihanna and her Pour It Up Video- now, I love Rihanna, really like her music, I even like that track, she has great style and good on her for being so successful but again, its holding up strippers as an aspiration (to young impressionable minds)
We as adults can take it with the proverbial pinch of salt- but a 9 year old cannot, we see the little girls dressed like this and twerking on programmes such as Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and its so distasteful- all I can think of is the paedophiles getting off (and probably justifying themselves) with this imagery
Now Britney’s in on the act….
The bottom line in all this is its not a healthy message for young girls- or boys. In fact boys especially. They have such easy access to really horrible and degrading porn right now, seeing this kind of thing in the mainstream media just enforces the idea that its ok- women are sex objects, mute and happy to offer themselves up
When you consider that the majority of women who work in the sex industry have been abused as children, its not a pretty picture
The porn thing bothers be even more as the brilliant Caitlin Moran said in her book ‘How To Be A Woman (which I incidentally think should be on the national curriculum) ‘I have no problem with porn, as long as everyone’s getting off’ you would be very hard pushed to find porn like this these days – its much more extreme now, and none of it feels like a two way street
Couple this with things like snap chat and the minefield young girls are facing right now is really frightening- imagine: you send a naughty pic to your boyfriend, that gets circulate round school- reputation trashed, and we all know how hard school is anyway, without all this added sexual pressure
Now people can argue- well Rihanna comes from a culture where that kind of imagery is commonplace, she also comes from a place where homophobia is rife, so can we expect gay bashing in Chanel tracksuits for the next video?
These young female stars are fine cosseted in their mansions, the effects of making this imagery mainstream and prevalent do not touch them, but they should think about the people it does affect- from the university student who thinks its fine to fund her degree by stripping (and gaining a great impression of men at their very worst at the same time no doubt) to the 8 year old cutting her clothes into bits and either unwittingly getting a peado off or engaging in sexual behaviour at an age where she is too young to cope emotionally- because studies show its getting more common place, boys are getting unhealthy messages and competing and children are abusing each other which all makes for angry confused and damaged adults
Porn sites need much greater control for a start - and the government can do this, why they choose not to is beyond me, and we need to stop with the stripper style – I guess it started with the succubus that is Katie Price, and unfortunately as the lowest common denominator is easy (intentional pun there) it shows no sign of stopping.
We need to empower young women to aim higher, and value themselves much more  every woman should read this book, buy it everyone you know for Christmas!! truely empowering in many ways