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Thursday, 13 January 2011

....Sometimes its about floorlamps and sofas...

Our new giant angle poise floorlamp arrived yesterday- a full two months earlier than quoted!

We got it from this company called Made
They have lots of lovely furniture and the like, all at about 80% less than the high street
They have deal with the manufacturers you see, and when they have an order for a certain amount they get them all at a heavy discount- ideal if you like good design, but don't want to pay the vastly marked up retail prices & don't mind waiting a wee while (typically about 3 months, though we only waited 1 month for our delivery)
We got the Brooklyn floorlamp in red- its really cute and easy to assemble (took about 5 minutes)
He looks like a creature, I feel like we should name him....something New Yoik....