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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Basso & Brooke

Had a nice low key weekend, of mainly eating & watching movies with The Boy, during which I sent my friends Bruno Basso & Chris Brooke a message to confirm my attendance for their show on Monday morning, and to offer an extra pair of hands, should they need one

I was really inspired by the trousers in Fist Of Fury (Bruce Lee)...I'm feeling the Karate vibe for SS12....(something we have seen coming through Celine, Alexander Wang & Haider Akermann last season)

He snoozed through Desperately Seeking Susan on Sunday (my all time favorite movie, I was utterly obsessed with Madonna from this point onwards)
Ah the boots..the boots...I still want these boots....

Nerfertiti- no shit!

I don't know why, but I woke up at 2.03am I get a text from Chris- could I come and help out actually, they are a dresser down, 7.30 call time (I think it was like the Bat-signal, my instinct for a fashion emergency finely tuned) of course, no problem
So off I trotted to Somerset House, very excited to see the new collection- the maxi dresses and trouser suits being my favorites (such a shame they will be about 2 feet too long for me to actually wear)

The boys have a fantastic attitude to their collections, and love nothing more than to see them being worn and enjoyed (too right, such amazing garments have a right to life)....there is a vintage shop in E2 holding a pair of Chanel brogues with my name all over them, the poor things are in a glass cabinet - denied the right to be adopted (my me) and taken home and loved forever...its a crime....and they would actually go very well with this shirt from SS11 that they very kindly lent me for Brunos birthday party last month....but I digress....
It had cute little tailored shorts in the same print, worn with black opaque tights & black wedges, my bag was vintage hard barrel snakeskin, with a coyote tail hanging off it (looked like a beheaded squirrel)

The collection was stunning- bang on colour pallette of teals and burnt oranges, camel and dove greys, with flashes of red and jewel greens the prints had a camouflage feel about them, and reminded me of exotic birds like Manderin ducks. The collection was cut with clever twists and gathers, elegant & modern, the perfect balance of newness and wearability that is so often lacking with London designers (a lot of whom tend to rely on shock tactics to grab the headlines) and used beautiful luxurious fabrics of silk jerseys, double faced wools & georgettes.

I love the row of models, in all their prints, with a row of hair & MUA's- all in black- doing touch ups

hooded coat adjustments 
Some of these were eaten

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