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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sucéss De Scandale?

Its been impossible to ignore the scandal surrounding John Galliano this week.
Last week we had reports he had made anti semitic insults to a couple in a bar (which he claims were untrue, and actually retaliation at them mistaking him for a tramp and asking him to 'move away, you are ugly', Mr G was understandably upset at this and proceeded to insult the womans 'dirty whore voice' and ugly handbag (all fair enough so far, some people will insist on lugging around nasty accessories)

However, the whole thing has taken a turn for the worse, when video footage of him (apparently from December) making similar comments the video he is seen to remark "I love Hitler" and go onto make comments about gas chambers and suchlike......he is very drunk in the footage, and we don't see what was said before to him (I suspect he was wound up by these people) but it isn't a great co-incidence and will be very hard for him to deny now.....

Dior suspended him early this week, and today they terminated his employment officially.

I'm always one for giving people the benefit of the doubt- there are two sides to every story, there is also a very often manipulative media at play (how do we know these people in this bar are not members of the press? or perhaps undercover fashion mafia intent on ousting Galliano from his position at Dior??) there are rumblings Dior wanted rid of him for some time - artistic temperaments are not always easy to handle, and he has been in the position since 1996.

We probably won't ever know the real truth- if in fact he is anti semitic or if he's been stitched up.
I always find it hard to comprehend when anyone is racist or homophobic (an eternal optimist, I find it difficult to understand how anyone could hold such views in this day and age, but I know the sad fact is some people still do) its just very hard to believe someone who could create such beauty could hold such ugly thoughts.

There is also the fact he was drinking alone - and to excess...this is not a good sign (and alcohol in that amount never brings out the best in anyone, in fact people can behave in ways that are completely out of character that they can't even remember) so this should also be take into account.
However, what should also be taken into account is he would be producing around six collections per year, not to mention overseeing accessories for his own line & Dior, so no wonder he needed a drink. This is a lot for any designer to undertake, and the pressure cannot be underestimated.

What we should also look at is his changing appearance- is this surgery (which is very apparent) some kind of Micheal Jackson inner torture? or simply a gay man conforming to the pressure that they (and we women) feel to stay young and beautiful?  
Whatever the truth of the matter is, I hope Mr Galliano get the help and support he needs and deserves, as you can't deny he is one of our generations greatest talents. I hope he can rise above this murkey business and repair the damage to his reputation, and if he does have some inner turmoil, that it can now be addressed before he goes the way of that other fashion great who's problems were perhaps ignored until they were too late, Mr Alexander McQueen.

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  1. After reading this I'm even more convinced hes' been 'framed'