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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

No Call For Celebration

Apparantly Kanye West has now decided to jump on the band wagon and release his own range of clothing.
Grrrreat. There really are enough ugly clothes in the world already without this megalomaniac inflicting more upon us.
This all makes my heart sink, as celebrity as designer really is nothing to celebrate.
Its a sad testament to our celebrity obsessed culture that every five minutes another one feels the need to slap their name on some shoddy old garments, in the hope of making even more money for themselves or believes that the British public are so stupid they will lap it up, even if the clothes are second rate.

It really is hard enough being a designer as it is - you have to constantly fight battles with your buyers to get anything new or directional and interesting into your ranges (as they tend to be reactionary beings, who look at past sales to guide them- this is why you often see the same garments in different colours season after season....) 

The only celebrity who seems to be doing a good job with their range is Victoria Beckham (and I strongly suspect this is because she is savvy enough to have help doing it- I really don't believe for a moment she oversee's the entire thing)

The Beth Ditto range was a good move however- as for larger girls there is very little on the high street (when working as a stylist for Basement Jaxx, I could find nothing at all for the singers- sizes 16 & 20 and ended up making 90% of their stagewear as a result) so her range was a welcome one, as this sector of the public is pretty much ignored by most fashion stores.

Apparantly, the biggest selling celebrity fashion range is Jessica Simpsons. $750 million last year. She sells everything from bags to shoes, clothes, luggage, fragrance...thankfully only in America

Just look at these beauties....I'd rather carry a colostomy bag.

For every good range (Nicole Richie) there are five bad ones (50 Cent, Fergie- who would want to dress like either of those two?! I could go on.....)

So Kanye please- leave it alone, or the next time you play a gig, I'm going to come along with a mic and a megaphone and tread all over your toes, we'll see how you like it....

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